Judith Rothstein

The Heart of Healing

My experience with meditative awareness has strongly influenced my practice of presence-centered psychotherapy. I focus on ways to be open to all aspects of one's experience. Often there seems to be a part of self that is ready to move forward and yet, at the same time, there may be a part of self that is afraid to change and holds oneself back. It takes courage to look at the source of one's fears and to have gentleness with emotional pain.

In the therapy process, clients have the opportunity to focus on their relationship to self and their relationships to others. I offer support and guidance to explore the issues in one's life in a loving and compassionate way. The creative resolution that occurs is healing and transformative.

I welcome appointments and gladly accept H.A.N.D.S as partial payment.


I provide Individual, Couple and Family Therapy. I received my Masters degree in Counselling Psychology in 1981 and have been in private practice since 1985.

Therapy sessions offer a way to:
- gain perspective on one's life patterns
- communicate clearly & listen openly
- develop a sense of personal power
- be centered in times of change
- become aware of one's inner wisdom
- live passionately

Concerns that can be addressed in therapy include: the emotions that underlie depression, anxiety and anger; relationship conflicts; difficulty in communication; the identification of learning disabilities; the challenges of parenting; the experience of loss and grief; ways to cope with life transitions.

The counselling process facilitates self-awareness, self-acceptance, and responsibility for one's own actions and growth. I honor confidentiality. I am skillful at attentive listening and clarity of focus and respect each person's journey towards waiora, total well-being.

Judith Rothstein, M.S.
22 Meihana Street
P.O. Box 138
Takaka, 7142
New Zealand