Mindfulness in Everyday Life

A series of six classes to reduce stress and to explore ways to discover a loving quality of presence within ourselves and with others.
Judith Rothstein, M.Sc., MNZAC 525 7674

Mindfulness is a way of being aware with sensitivity and kindness to our body, heart and mind; and then to expand that careful attention to the world around us. Meditation is a practice that is very helpful in developing this mindful awareness. It brings understanding and nurtures a sense of inner calm. It can teach us to be both relaxed and alert in the midst of our daily lives. Our patterns of thought, reactions and attachments often get in our way. This class will give you some practice of meditation with a strong focus on how to use the quality of mindfulness in potentially stressful situations.

I have taught this basic course on Mindfulness a number of times. In the last several years, significant scientific research shows the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation for physical, emotional and psychological well being. The focus of Mindfulness Meditation is to train the brain to stay in the present moment with openness and acceptance of ‘what is’. The ancient Eastern practice of meditation facilitates the opening of the heart and gives us the ability to see clearly and respond to our world with caring and wisdom.

Gain some practice of meditation and, with discussion and skill-building, learn how to use the quality of mindfulness in your everyday activities and interactions.

A morning or an evening time will be offered for the series of six weekly classes. You can register for whichever time is most convenient for you.

I request a commitment to attend all 6 classes.
To register or if you have any questions, please contact me: webcontact16@jrothstein.org