I have taught the class, Mindfulness in Everyday Life, a number of times. Here’s a recent sampling of participants’ written comments at the end of the class. They were responding to the following questions:

What will you use the most in your daily life?   

The ability to open to all experience with an open heart. Discovering Stillness underneath all the noise. But most important, this class gave me the gift of bringing a practice meditation into my daily life. 

The benefit of taking even just moments in the middle of everything else to be still and in touch and quiet the mind. 

Being with what is and the power contained within that seemingly simple statement! 

The thing I’ve noticed most would probably be my awareness in everyday life now. I have also got a new sense of calm in my life which I love. 

An awareness of my inner peace, or understanding of the way my mind works. It’s good and not so good. Seeing my mind.  

The importance to try not to cling in any way; that holding on to things is not contributing to happiness.

I learned how to calm down a bit and to let things go. 

I found offering loving kindness to others very significant. Once you honour that concept, life is often a little easier.

To choose how I respond to the ever flowing river of thoughts, I can grab a thought and let it control me, or I can observe the thoughts and accept them but not engage. I am using this daily and I feel moments of acceptance and peace.

The experience of creating space between thought and reaction, of removing the personal and moving away from judgement, of feeling and acknowledging the heart of me and touching its truth and courage.

It’s helped me become much less reactive and much more tolerant.

Awareness in its many forms is what was strengthened for me during this course. The meditation is what I will use daily.

The sense of calm that comes from being able to accept an experience for what it is, rather than passing judgement on how I think it should be/would like it to be.

How was the Mindfulness Meditation for you?  

I loved having the space in class to meditate and it has become a regular part of my practice at home. 

Enjoyed the meditations both in class and at home.   I am so much more mindful in everyday life and can now naturally go off in small times of meditation which has been amazing. 

As time went on through the course I experienced increasingly deeper feelings of presence and have been increasingly able to find ease in meditating.  

Meditation is like pressing the refresh button! Like really having a rest – from the angst of the mind. A gift I can give myself.

I have realised that meditation doesn’t have to be some ritual at a set time in a set position, which is impossible in ever changing family life! But can be at a moment in the day where there is a space for it.

Great! At home: Like holiday for the mind.

I enjoyed the meditation and found it calming and a way to sort through what was important and what could be put aside!

It helps still and clarify my mind and world. It gives me space to breathe and to find myself, centre myself and my response to the world and my thoughts. It brings calm, freedom, courage, honesty.

Meditation has been very balancing for me, it brings me back to my centre and it feeds me in a really important way.

Initially I found the supported in-class meditation a lot easier than the sessions that I tried at home, however, as the course progressed I found that the home-based meditations became easier. I found it helpful to remind myself that I was not restricted to meditating at home, meditation is very portable!. So, now if I have a busy day and find myself out and about but with a small window of time to spare I try to find a space to sit apart from things and meditate.

What ways have you noticed that you’ve changed?

I have experienced a calmness, sense of balance.  Standing and letting it all go, draining out of me…  seeing and feeling the beauty in the everyday stuff of life.  A greater acceptance of what IS.  As it is, let it be. 

Seeing ‘others’ from the outside world desiring this inner peace gives me a sense of community and belonging.   

Calmness or calming the mind. More self disciplined.

Opened my heart to let go 'old' grief and anger.

Trying to apply the different ways of mindful approach in life showed me the goodness and softness in me.

By sharing how you can respond differently, we saw new openings, which made us stronger.

I could accept myself and my struggles with an open heart. I felt softened and opened, deeply moved into a place where its ok to be exactly where I am.

Practicing non attachment or observing it,  much more compassion.

A greater love of self and everything and everyone

More contentment. Less anger. Less frustration. Less beating myself up. More open to spirituality.

Listening more. Being less judgmental. Greater connection in Relationship, more REAL.

Having in my mind keeping my heart open has brought to my attention how I interact with others & myself and of course that has a reaction. I have noticed in return the way people respond to me, not in an obvious way but a subtle, more of a feeling inside kind of way.  I feel myself smiling more. 

I definitely feel more connected to the moment. Not always of course, but having felt it, it is easier to return to that awareness.

To be patient, honest and listen to myself. To see changes in the other participants was so encouraging and beautiful.

A feeling of peace, certainty, happiness. A quieting of the critical and anxious voices and responses. Better sleep, less anxiety. More measured, honest reaction. More courage.

I find the mindfulness has increased the joy I have with my children because I can be in the present moment. This class has increased my awareness of connectedness. Meditation has softened my heart.

Feeling less stressed and angry. Enjoying my life more again.

My self awareness softened, my authenticity re-appeared after many years of being ignored by self, therefore my self respect has deepened. Felt joy at the companionship and support in the group.

I feel a much stronger commitment to myself, to my well being and my truth. I believe these changes are a direct result of me attending your mindfulness classes and practising at home.

I think I have become better at not taking on board other people's "stuff". It's an ongoing process, which is easier if I'm meditating regularly.

I feel a bit more set-free from baggage, less concerned about trifling matters, more empowered to be vulnerable.

Out of class I became far more aware of metta in everyday thoughts. I’m learning to be even less judgmental in my views of people and seeing another side to their actions and opinions.

I am aware that I am approaching situations/experiences in my everyday life (challenging and otherwise) with greater levels of acceptance and open-heartedness and that, therefore, I am encountering life in a calmer, softer and more gentle way.

This experience has really enriched my life and helped me be more relaxed, open and accepting. Whenever I start to feel a bit fragile I return to what I’ve learnt with metta and meditation and it helps me through.

The change is the awareness I have won – in recognising judgmental thoughts as such and distance myself from it, recognising thought patterns, recognising our busy ‘doing-mind’ and trying to let it go.


How would you describe the class?

Eye-opening: a concise but still in depth learning about applying 'mindfulness' in our daily life.

A course that helps you to live in the present moment.  To forget about what has happened or about to happen and just be present.

An excellent way to learn life skills to help with stress, fear etc. but more than that, it’s just something everyone should realize; that there are ways to help you to master your brain!  That you don’t have to get stuck with your old stories you tell your self, and you can choose to change. 

I would describe the class as a way of being in this world that was gentle and honouring of ourselves and others, a way of opening our hearts and eyes that would enable us to live life to its full potential. That this is achievable for the world as a whole. 

A gift for yourself.

Motivating. Thought provoking. Insightful. A vital re-learning of our internal tools that help keep me mindful and in turn helps heal myself and all that surround me.

Absolutely worthwhile course in which I became aware that I do not always have to let my thoughts control me or lead me into unwanted reactions.

It is a great way of learning something that will indeed be helpful & be a useful tool in life’s ups & downs, it will make a difference.

It strengthens our connection to each other and to the world.

A gift. Somewhere to help you connect or reconnect with who you are and what is meaningful to you. An opportunity to bring awareness of now into your life , and your relationships, and to live consciously. A realization of the choices you have.

Wonderful. Perfect starting point.

A very well planned and prepared course that had a lovely spirit about it. Much information and wisdom was distilled into the six weeks. It was just what I needed to help me start finding my spark again.

Wonderful, life changing, supportive.

If you have ever thought that you should meditate, then attend this class. It might just be what you need to move from thinking about it to doing it.

Heart-sharing, insightful, a great reminder to be present. I have really enjoyed connecting with the others and being part of a group of people that were on a similar journey of becoming more aware of the present moment.

Definitely worth doing. It gives you many invaluable skills to carry with you through life.

A very helpful tool for troubled times. also a good taster what mindfulness means and how it can be applied in daily life.

Helps to have a more juicy, rich life and ditch a load of baggage.

The class was full of inspiration coupled with practical advice on how to integrate what we learned into our daily lives.

Fantastic course!

I feel these classes have been really beneficial, I feel more present and calm within.

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